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Reminisce with Mark and enjoy his stories of what it was like travelling 'way back when' ...

Getting some satisfaction on Ko Phi Phi in the early ’90s

One of those backpacker stories that will endure for a long, long time ... I enjoyed compiling my Postcards from the Past: Asia post, a collection of postcards and their contents from my first big trip to Asia back in 1992. I also enjoyed the comments attached to the...

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Postcards from the Past: Asia

This post is part two of a mini-series and features postcards I sent from my first backpacking adventures #backintheday. The first part included cards I sent from my first trip to Europe way back in 1988! This second part features my first independent travels to Asia,...

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Postcards from the Past: Europe

We were back in the UK recently and while rummaging through one of our numerous boxes of stuff that my parents allow us to keep in storage at their house, I came across a batch of postcards that I wrote over twenty years ago. My father collected all the postcards and...

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An epic train journey from Iran to Pakistan 

Taking the train from Zāhedān in Iran to Quetta in Pakistan Zāhedān is the capital of Iran’s southeast Sistan and Baluchistan province and is located near the tri-point of the borders between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The city is hot, dusty and practically...

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Friday Flashback | Yangon then and now | Myanmar

Normally I write these ‘then and now’ posts and point out how things have changed over the years, but I am not sure that that is the case when it comes to Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar (Burma). There is no doubt that economic development in the country is moving...

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Friday Flashback | The Old Town of Kashgar | China

Kashgar is an oasis town in China’s northwest province of Xinjiang. The city is home to photogenic Uyghurs (the indigenous population of the region), fat-tailed sheep, one of the best markets in Asia (the Sunday livestock market) and decent kebabs. Kashgar’s strategic...

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Friday Flashback | Problems in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan

On my first visit to Pakistan in 1992, I spent a week or so relaxing in Altit, a tranquil village deep in the Hunza Valley. My then girlfriend and I had unexpectedly (*) had to walk and hitch from Sost (the closest town to the Pakistan/Chinese border) to Gilgit, a...

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Backpacking in China and Tibet in the mid ’90s

Travelling independently in China and Tibet twenty years ago Travelling independently in Tibet these days is (depending on your nationality) currently either illegal or very difficult but what was it like backpacking in China and Tibet in the mid '90s? I am sure...

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Backpacking in Cambodia in the early ’90s

What was it like backpacking in Cambodia in the early '90s? I first visited Cambodia in October 1992. Back then it was relatively easy to get a visa (courtesy of Bangkok’s Khao San Road travel agents) but options for entering the country were limited to just two. You...

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