Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Welcome to yet another obsession of ours!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is an unapologetic page dedicated to the many ageing, much-loved, abandoned and darn right cool cars, trains and flying machines that we have spotted on our travels over the years. You won’t find any modern stuff on this page, however: no Ferraris or other supercars, no Airbus A380s or ultra-fast TGVs. Instead, we’ve got Ladas, Volvos, Yugos, ZAZs and a fine collection of work-a-day vans. You will also discover (mostly) Soviet-era locomotives, the odd civilian aircraft and a few buses, scooters and even caravans that have been thrown in for good measure. 

Most of the collection, which we will be adding to as time goes on, comes from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus and is predominately four-wheel based. In particular, with the last two regions, there is a wonderful antiquated feel about much of the transport still in use, especially in rural areas. In fact, the Balkan region features so heavily that originally we wanted to call this new page Balkan Beauties but, after working out the connotations of this, we decided to settle on the title above (*).

(*) Although, there is an argument that Balkan Beauties has the potential to increase the traffic (no pun intended!) to our website!

This page also features mechanical contraptions from further afield, places such as Cuba, Thailand and Morocco. Our only criterion is nothing new: if we like a certain set of wheels, flying machine or train engine and we think it’s retro enough, it gets in.

We would love to own many of the vehicles featured for ourselves. Mark especially would kill for a top-of-the-range Lada (is there such a thing!) and every time he sees an old-school van, he starts on about how we should buy one and convert it into a mobile home. It’s a shame his mechanical expertise only covers filling up with petrol and changing a flat tyre!

And don’t worry. Unlike with our respective passions for architecture from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, and with street art, we are not going to bore you with facts and figures about the particular models on display. Half the time, we don’t even know the name of the car or aircraft we are pointing our camera at, and we certainly have no idea about trains apart from the fact that shiny, period locomotives look very snazzy indeed. On the other hand, if your interest in these mechanical devices goes beyond aesthetics and you want to fill us in on makes and models etc. then feel free to do so. We would be grateful for the extra information.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
  • Sunday Animal Market Karakol Kyrgyzstan-40
  • Casco Historico (Old Town) Trinidad Cuba (19)
  • Ranong Thailand-4
  • Baku Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-2
  • AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Museum Vinnytsia
  • Delphi Greece-1-2
  • Medina (Fes el Bali) Fez Morocco-5-2-Edit
  • Topola Serbia-3
  • Museum of Aviation Belgrade Serbia-13
  • Olomouc Czech Republic-11
  • Larnaka (Larnaca) Cyprus-4
  • New Belgrade Belgrade Serbia-1
  • Poznan Poland-1
  • Train Station Bansko Bulgaria-5
  • Kamyanets-Podilsky Ukraine-3-2
  • Asilah Morocco-2
  • Chinatown Bangkok Thailand (1)
  • Larnaka (Larnaca) Cyprus-9-2
  • Lefkosia (South Nicosia) Cyprus-1
  • Tha Khaek Laos-6
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine-1-4
  • AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Museum Vinnytsia (Vinnytsya) Ukraine-1
  • Old Havana Cuba
  • Museum of Aviation Belgrade Serbia-11
  • Cholpon-Ata Kyrgyzstan-1
  • Battambang Cambodia
  • Krusevo Macedonia-2
  • Peja Kosovo-4
  • Prilep Macedonia-3
  • Zemun Belgrade Serbia-1
  • Remedios Cuba (12)
  • Skopje Macedonia-1-3
  • Children's Railway Lazar Globa Park Dnipro Ukraine-1
  • Church of St. Sophia Ohrid Macedonia (1)
  • Zemun Belgrade Serbia-4
  • Prilep Macedonia-1-4
  • Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina (3)
  • Novi Pazar Serbia-13
  • Faeton Retro Cars Museum Zaporizhia Ukraine-3
  • Kavadarci Macedonia-2
  • Larnaka (Larnaca) Cyprus-5
  • History Museum of the Southern Railway Kharkiv Ukraine-11
  • Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok) Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine-2
  • Alexandra Palace Branch Viaduct (St James Lane viaduct) London England-2
  • AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Museum Vinnytsia (Vinnytsya) Ukraine-41
  • Podgorica Montenegro-3
  • Moron Cuba (6)
  • Zhytomyr Ukraine-110
  • Savannakhet Laos-9
  • Lutsk Ukraine-10
  • Sighnaghi Kakheti Georgia
  • Podgorica Montenegro-2-2
  • Podgorica Montenegro-1-2
  • Faeton Retro Cars Museum Zaporizhia Ukraine-11
  • Remedios Cuba (15)
  • Skopje Macedonia-1-11
  • Ostra Serbia-1-2
  • Old Town Trebinje Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)
  • Shevchenka Park Kremenets Ukraine-5
  • Ohrid Macedonia-4
  • Ohrid Macedonia-3
  • Faeton Retro Cars Museum Zaporizhia Ukraine-12
  • Ohrid Macedonia-2
  • Western City Gate (Genex Tower) New Belgrade Belgrade Serbia-11-2
  • Ulcinj Montenegro-2-2
  • Odessa Ukraine-17
  • Ohrid Macedonia-1
  • Hotel Plaza Camaguey Cuba (1)
  • Tartu University Tartu Estonia (1)
  • Novi Sad Serbia-10
  • Tallinn Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-4
  • Novi Sad Serbia-1-3
  • Zhytomyr Ukraine-2-20
  • North Mitrovica Kosovo-8-2
  • Nis Serbia-2-2
  • New Belgrade Belgrade Serbia-2
  • Museum of Aviation Belgrade Serbia-8
  • Zemun Belgrade Serbia-6
  • Ranong Thailand-2
  • Krusevo Macedonia-13
  • Kiev Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-2
  • Dominical Costa Rica (5)
  • Krusevo Macedonia-1
  • Tbilisi Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-2
  • Cetinje Montenegro-1
  • History Museum of the Southern Railway Kharkiv Ukraine-7
  • Blok 5 Podgorica Montenegro -22
  • Belgrade Serbia-1
  • Sajmiste (Semlin) Concentration Camp New Belgrade Belgrade Serbia-1-2
  • Visiting the Divided City of Mitrovica in Kosovo
  • Chiayi Taiwan-3
  • Breza Kolasin Montenegro-1
  • En route Yolyn Am to Khongoryn Els Mongolia
  • Former Lao National Museum Vientiane Laos-4
  • Former Neutrino Medicine Centre Vientiane Laos
  • Ipoh Malaysia_-17
  • Savannakhet Laos-6
  • Granada Nicaragua (2)
  • Prilep Macedonia-1-3
  • Wankaner Palace Gujarat India
  • Tha Khaek Laos-14
  • Zemun Belgrade Serbia-3
  • Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (7)
  • Chiang Mai Thailand-14
  • Train Garage Changhua Taiwan-4
  • Airplane monument Savannakhet Laos
  • Bar Montenegro-2
  • Larnaka (Larnaca) Cyprus-6-2
  • Vittoriosa Malta-3
  • Zhytomyr Ukrainian-11
  • Uman Ukraine-4-2
  • Ranong Thailand-3
  • Uman Ukraine-1-2
  • Matanzas Cuba (4)
  • Tbilisi Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-4
  • Shumen Bulgaria-2-31
  • Retro Museum Varna Bulgaria-5
  • Skopje Macedonia-1-5
  • Orchha India 2 (1)
  • Minicevo Serbia-1
  • Shushi Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Kalasa Berat Albania (1)
  • Medina Marrakesh Morocco-3-4
  • Ukraine State Aviation Museum Kiev Ukraine-60
  • Museum of Railway Technology Brest Belarus-24
  • Krusevo Macedonia-5
  • Lviv Ukraine (14)
  • Leningrad Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-6
  • AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Museum Vinnytsia
  • Parque de la Libertad (Parque de Colon) Colon Cuba
  • Savamala Belgrade Serbia-1-3
  • Medina Marrakesh Morocco-10-2
  • Uzhhorod Ukraine-1-5
  • Ukraine State Aviation Museum Kiev Ukraine-57
  • Zhytomyr Ukrainian-2-2
  • Retro Museum Varna Bulgaria-3
  • Museum of Railway Technology Brest Belarus-9
  • Ternopil Ukraine-2-6
  • Shushi Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Dilijan Armenia (2)
  • AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Museum Vinnytsia (Vinnytsya) Ukraine-44
  • Lutsk Ukraine-8
  • Chernivtsi Ukraine-3-2
  • Retro Museum Varna Bulgaria-20
  • Chernihiv Ukraine-1-7
  • Central Market (Piata Centrala) district Chisinau Moldova-3-2
  • Belgorod Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-4
  • Stepanavan Armenia (5)
  • Tallinn Quarter Slavutych Ukraine-7
  • Darjeeling India 4
  • Airplane Graveyard Ramkhamhaeng Bangkok Thailand-9
  • Hunot Gorge Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Bugibba Malta-12

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