Photographs of Macedonia

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Lake Ohrid
Saint Naum
  • Skopje Central Post Office Skopje Macedonia-5-3
  • Ilinden (Makedonium) Krusevo Macedonia-27
  • Ilinden (Makedonium) Krusevo Macedonia-13
  • Krusevo Macedonia-6
  • The Memorial Ossuary of Fallen Fighters Gradski Park Kavadarci Macedonia-25
  • Lake Ohrid Ohrid Macedonia (2)
  • Ohrid Macedonia-3-2
  • Burial Mound of the Unbeaten (Prilep Partisan Necropolis) Park of the Revolution Prilep Macedonia-1
  • Charshi Mosque Carsija (Marketplace) Prilep Macedonia-2
  • Prilep Macedonia-1-3
  • Goce Delcev Stadium Prilep Macedonia-3
  • Markovi Kuli (Marko's Towers) Prilep Macedonia-2
  • Mount Zlato Prilep Macedonia-10
  • Struga, Prilep, Krusevo, Negotino, Kavadarci, Veles, Stobi
  • Lake Ohrid Struga Macedonia-1
  • Lake Ohrid Struga Macedonia-6
  • Memorial Tomb to the Heroes of the Second World War Veles Macedonia-22
  • Monastery of Saint Naum Macedonia (1)
  • Vergina Sun fountain Magnolia Square Bitola Macedonia
  • Stara Carsija (Old Bazaar) Bitola Macedonia (3)

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