The House of Revolution (Dom Revolucije) in Niksic, Montenegro

Urban exploration in Montenegro’s second city I must confess, creeping around abandoned buildings is not high on our list of ‘things-to-do’ at the best of times and least of all when rumours abound that the building in question is home to addicts, local gangs, stray...

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Street Art in Kiev: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

A self-guided walking tour of murals and street art in Kiev, an open-air art gallery. Street art in Kiev is big and bold and in your face. Of all the cities in which we’ve seen street art, I don’t think many any compare with Kiev in terms of the scale and volume of...

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Alternative Kiev: the State Aviation Museum

Exploring off the beaten track Kiev: A trip to the Aeroplane Museum Even if you’re not into aircraft and all other things aeronautical, the State Aviation Museum is a brilliant place to spend a couple of hours if you are in the Ukrainian capital and looking for...

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Suggested itinerary to Greece: From Athens to Thessaloniki

ITINERARY SUMMARY  Athens - Delphi - Meteora (Kalambaka) - Thessaloniki We spent a week in Athens and didn’t get bored but three clear days is probably enough to see all of the major sights. Bus is the only form of public transport that heads to ancient Delphi, but...

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Alternative Kiev: The Expocenter of Ukraine

Off the Beaten Track Kiev Historically, I can’t provide you with too many facts about the Expo Centre in Kiev. I know its correct name is the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG), that it was constructed between 1952 and 1958, and was originally known as the...

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Street Art in Podgorica, Montenegro

On our first visit to Podgorica, a couple of years ago, the city’s unmissable ‘Transformer’ sculptures* were the best I could come up with in the way of street art. However, on our recent stay in the Montenegrin capital, I delved a bit deeper and found a fair bit of...

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Where to break the journey on the Belgrade to Bar train

Interesting places to stop on the most scenic rail trip in the Balkans As its name would suggest, the Belgrade to Bar railway links the Serbian capital with Montenegro’s largest port city. Covering a distance of 476km, the train crosses three countries (*) and passes...

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Slavutych: A Walking Tour in Photos | Ukraine

A photographic journey through Ukraine's ‘21st-century city’. What is Slavutych? Slavutych is a purpose-built city in the north of Ukraine, that was created to house civilians evacuated from the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. It is situated 200km directly north of Kiev,...

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Street Art in Pristina… and the Newborn Monument

Seeking out street art in Pristina plus a look at the changing face of the Newborn Monument – a guide for independent travellers to Kosovo in the Balkans. If you look hard enough you will find street art in Pristina, just in a more unconventional form.

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The Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in Varna

What is the Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship Situated in the port city of Varna, the Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship (hence forth referred to as ‘the Monument’) is one of Bulgaria’s most imposing Socialist-era relics. In fact, I’d go...

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Where to break the journey between Skopje and Lake Ohrid

Interested in seeing some smaller, less-visited cities and towns en route between Macedonian’s outlandish capital and its jewel in the crown, serene Lake Ohrid? Although you can get between the two places in a little over three hours by public bus, we spent about a...

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New Kids on the (Urbex) Block …

Junior urbexing for oldies in Peja, Kosovo’s third largest city We like the idea of exploring abandoned buildings but in all honesty, we aren't very good at it. The sound of breaking glass underfoot, the overwhelming stench of piss and crap and the potential risk of...

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