The Divided City of Mitrovica in Kosovo

History and politics in Kosovo are complicated and it doesn’t get much more complicated than Mitrovica, a small city in the north of the country. Read about our visit to the divided city of Serbian North Mitrovica and Kosovan Mitrovica.

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The Air Force Command Building in Belgrade, Serbia

The 1999 NATO bombing of the Serbian capital is well documented. It’s hard to miss the bombed-out shell of the former Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building on Nemanjina Street in the heart of the city and if you head round the back of St. Mark’s Church in Tasmajdan...

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An A to Z of Ukraine

Ukraine Travel Inspiration from A to Z Last weekend we got back from Ukraine. It was our fourth trip to this eastern European gem in three years and this time we spent six weeks travelling to 18 towns and cities (15 that were new to us). At a very rough estimate, we...

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Somewhere different … Girona in Spain

Girona’s airport is served by several low-cost carriers these days so quite a few people use it as a means of getting to nearby Barcelona and other places along the Spanish coast. It was a couple of cheap flights from Morocco to Malta via Spain that took us via...

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The Retro Museum in Varna | Bulgaria

Our Impressions of the groovy Retro museum in Bulgaria’s most cosmopolitan Black Sea city Before you read on, listen to the following bit of music on Youtube. It’s only eighteen seconds long but, I assure you it sits very nicely with the photos you are about to look...

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Travel Shot | Einstein Street Art in Sofia | Bulgaria

This is such a genius idea for a garbage bin, don’t you think!? See what I did there? 😉 We spotted this great piece of artwork during our exploration of Sofia. Is it technically street art though? Perhaps it could be the start of a whole new style of street art …...

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The Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk

A large dose of Combat and Propaganda Art in one of Minsk's most impressive museums  I’m not really into conventional paintings - stick a Turner or Van Gogh in front of me and you won’t get much reaction but there is something about Combat and Propaganda Art that I...

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