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Focussing on lesser-visited part of Europe, our mini-guides cover where to go and what to do on a short break. How to spend a few days in some our favourite European cities.

Visiting Ostrava in the Czech Republic

The quirky Czech city we nearly wrote off … We almost gave up on the Czech Republic’s third largest city, Ostrava. We had arrived from Poland on a Sunday morning - the weather was awful and the place was deserted. It wasn't a good start and reminded me of how thankful...

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Breaking the journey between Krakow and Warsaw in Kielce

Kielce - a small Polish town, perfectly placed to overnight and break up the journey between two of Poland’s greatest cities So I have to admit, we broke the journey between Krakow and Warsaw because we wanted to see a bus station. Yep, we are strange like that...

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Kamyanets-Podilsky – Ukraine’s Hidden Gem

The medieval town in Central Ukraine that’s missing only one thing - tourists… I don’t believe in sticking up a load of photos, accompanied by the minimum of text and telling the reader that they must go to such and such a place simply because it’s awesome and I’m...

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How to spend a few days in Lodz, Poland

Exploring Lodz, Poland’s third largest city Lodz (pronounced woodge), approximately 130km south-west of Warsaw, is not a city that instantly grows on you. For starters, it doesn't have the (almost) mandatory picturesque square that you will find in so many of Poland’s...

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How to spend a few days in Minsk, Belarus

Our suggestions of what to do in Minsk, based on our visit to the capital city of the Republic of Belarus Totally flattened during WWII and rebuilt to showcase the architectural style of the Stalin Empire, Minsk is a surprisingly attractive city with plenty of green...

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How to Spend a Few Days in Skopje | Macedonia

What to do in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia - Europe’s most eclectic capital! A controversial and not to mention very expensive renovation programme has turned this once relatively quiet former Yugoslavian city into a neoclassical masterpiece. Launched in 2010, Skopje...

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How to Spend a Day in Pristina, Kosovo

Just what is there to do in Pristina, capital of Europe's newest nation? Pristina, or Prishtina as it is also known, is Europe’s youngest capital. It’s no Belgrade or Sarajevo but it has an amiable feel to it and is well worth a day or two of exploration. Start with a...

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A Few Days in Sarajevo | Bosnia & Herzegovina

How to spend a few days in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Two decades ago, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was famous the world over for all the wrong reasons. ‘War-torn’, ‘sniper alley’ and ‘city under siege’ were words and phrases too often used...

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Breaking the journey in Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor in Slovenia: a great place to break the journey between Budapest and Ljubljana We wanted to take the train from Budapest in Hungary to Ljubljana in Slovenia and although the timings for the cheapest train were OK (1335/2125 hours), we don't like to arrive...

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How to spend a few days in Belgrade, Serbia

What to see and do on a short break to Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade was an unexpected pleasure. We visited the city in June 2014 and we knew there was enough to occupy us for a full day of sightseeing but we weren't expecting the city to be as pleasant as it was....

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18 hours in Oslo | Norway

How to utilise 18 hours in Oslo (with a little help from the midnight sun) and not spend too much cash … Last June, Kirsty and I headed up to Kirkenes (*), a remote town 400km north of the Arctic Circle in the far northeastern part of Norway. Here we were to...

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